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Hi, I'm Karen Williams. I am the owner of My ThinSide Out and I’ve had a long career as a professional mental health provider. Now I want to work one on one with others who’ve struggled with weight loss issues just like me. I practice the Body Breakthrough Method and am so excited to share these skills with you too. It works for me, and now I want this amazing method to work for you. I don’t want you to feel deprived, like a failure or frustrated any more. 


The Body Breakthrough Method



As a life-long emotional eater and a yo-yo dieter, I've gained and lost the same 25-50 (or more) pounds for 40 years. I have tried multiple plans and failed on all of them. Most worked - for a while - but then I began eating the foods I'd deprived myself, only to end up feeling like I'd failed - again - and that I could not be trusted around food. 

The Body Breakthrough Method taught me do something I'd completely forgotten how to do - TO PAY ATTENTION TO MY OWN NEEDS! Essentially to trust myself. WOW what a concept. None of the programs I'd ever tried taught me to listen to my own hunger, my own fullness, or my own physical and emotional signals of satisfaction and peace with food. Yes ... peace with food - something I never knew how to do - until now. 

Peace of mind with food has led me to peace of mind in many other areas of my life too. Now, I practice my own peace of mind, body and spirit by paying attention to what I need and when I need it. I am dedicated to helping my weight loss clients find this same peace. If this sounds like you, I'd love to hear more, get to know you, and we can find out together if this is the right practice for you!

Here’s How…

My ThinSide Out is an accountability partnership specifically designed for emotional eaters, yo-yo-dieters and those who have lost weight but are scared to death they'll gain it back. 

You will learn to lose weight and keep the weight off for good by:

  • Eating the foods you love when you are hungry.
  • Listening to your own body's wisdom for nutrition AND flavor - and stopping when satisfied and full.
  • Increasing your appreciation for yourself and all the amazing things your body and mind do each day.
  • Practicing YOUR weight loss goals and visions (not someone else's) each day, with every meal and snack.
  • Keeping the weight off for good - because now you KNOW when you're hungry and you KNOW when you're not. No longer eating for emotional reasons, but for health and yumminess, you keep the weight off naturally. 


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